ONE37pm Launches 25 Days of POAP

SPEAKER A says they will be chatting with the poop team about the 25 days of poop taking questions. SPEAKER A notes that they can make tyler cohost and become a speaker. SPEAKER D says they want to kick off why they believe what they built is incredibly special and why it’s led to this culmination.

SPEAKER C notes that they started working full time when they were 14 and started fixing computers when they were 27. SPEAKER C says they wanted to push a career in the blockchain industry. SPEAKER C notes that they became specialized in everything crypto trading. SPEAKER D discusses growing up in a household obsessed with chaoskis.

SPEAKER C mentions that education is one of the hardest challenges for tech. SPEAKER C says the educational challenge is to make people feel comfortable with the tech without having to become expert.

SPEAKER C and SPEAKER D discuss the difference between the metaverse and the metabols. SPEAKER C and SPEAKER D overview the benefits of power three. SPEAKER B notes that they intentionally designed the application as a consumer product.

SPEAKER C and SPEAKER D overview having a full loan account. SPEAKER C and SPEAKER D discuss the beauty of rainbow, and SPEAKER C says they don’t allow pornography or risk content. SPEAKER C and SPEAKER D overview ownership of nfds.

SPEAKER C talks about openc’s emergency system for preventing people being a scam. SPEAKER D talks about how there is no financial ramification. SPEAKER D talks about the chat functionality.

SPEAKER C says pop chat is one of the most exciting things they are working on. SPEAKER C notes that the first pop up chat version was clunky. SPEAKER C discusses supporting collablant and collaplant.

SPEAKER C and SPEAKER B overview a challenge coin that military men get when they are deployed. SPEAKER B notes that they want to build the infrastructure that allows people to build applications. SPEAKER B talks about how people like getting physical pull ups.

SPEAKER C talks about how the project has been a massive success. SPEAKER E says the complexity of the technology is increasing. SPEAKER C talks about how to make people adopt web three technologies.

SPEAKER E and SPEAKER D overview the most exciting things that will come out in the next year. SPEAKER C notes that there’s plenty of groundbreaking projects that aren’t coming out from them. SPEAKER D mentions that the platform can onboard the most amount of people and satiate their curiosity.

SPEAKER D discusses their love of advent calendars and notes that they hope to get a community together to learn about some new artists. SPEAKER C says they plan on launching the newest and most exciting functionalities around pole.