Community Town Hall

Yat Siu talks about the apoin token and the uh foundation reserve, where members can make proposals and suggestions about how to grow the community. Yat Siu says the democratic process can be faster with the dow. Yat Siu talks about how the role of a democracy is to educate people to a level where they understand why they do it.

AlexisOhanian7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ talks about how the goal of the call was to provide more transparency and visibility into the process. maaria.eth says they brought matt, catherine, and herb into the conversation so they could hear from the community. Amy Wu notes that they’re excited to explore how to evangelize builders into the ecosystem. AlexisOhanian7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ says they’re grateful to be a part of the advisory council.

AlexisOhanian7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ talks about how the most successful dows are in the beta stages of building. alisha.eth notes that they put up an amendment proposal to the working group structure. alisha.eth mentions that in 2022 requires people who are adaptive and open minded.

maaria.eth asks what alicia has seen as the biggest challenge, and maaria.eth talks about managing incentives. bc. discusses their role managing bank accounts and custody accounts. bc. notes that they write a lot of analysis work and do a lot of research on proposals. Herb.eth talks about the ape point website, which is the best location to have the communication around ape dow.

Matt Galligan.eth (✉️,✉️) notes that they’ve been an owner since the mint minted four sold a solid gold ape for 1.18. Matt Galligan.eth (✉️,✉️) discusses the improvement proposal process. Matt Galligan.eth (✉️,✉️) mentions that discourse is an amazing piece of software. Matt Galligan.eth (✉️,✉️) discusses some really big and meaty proposals.

maaria.eth discusses how they review proposals and processes. Yat Siu and Matt Galligan.eth (✉️,✉️) discuss how public companies operate. Yat Siu and Matt Galligan.eth (✉️,✉️) overview funding projects as grants.

maaria.eth discusses how people might not know how to go through the aip proposal process. maaria.eth talks about how you could have individuals participate and move to another chain. Yat Siu and alisha.eth discuss the prop house, which is one of the greatest innovations in governance.

alisha.eth discusses having a prop house where you could almost raffle seats and people who are in different communities could be judges on a particular proposal. alisha.eth notes that on both sides of the equation, builders and people coming to the dow to request grants, and community members who are able to get involved in the decision making process. CapΞtainTrippy.ETH 🍌🕯🥃 says they want to build a marketplace with a $3 billion treasury.

maaria.eth inquires what is the best forum to engage with the community on educational pieces. maaria.eth and CapΞtainTrippy.ETH 🍌🕯🥃 discuss whether discord is worth having an official. maaria.eth and Herb.eth overview the desktop app that makes free flowing, synchronous discourse possible.

Herb.eth talks about how there are a combination of community led discords and that they started one early on. Yat Siu says the board has weekly meetings organized to discuss the topic. maaria.eth mentions that everyone who owns a coin is an owner of the ape dow and the ape foundation. maaria.eth notes how to evangelize and bring utility and usability to the coin. maaria.eth talks about building infrastructure tools to drive the next ten years of a point of action.

Yat Siu notes that the board is on board with the big takeaway: approving, efficiency, and broadening the use case for a coin. Amy Wu says they are inviting projects, teams, and funds to help them think about treasury diversification. bc. discusses hiring some communication specialists and engineers.

Herb.eth says that brandon knows the community and gets an ft. bc. says they separate their personalities and have pseudo anonymous accounts. Herb.eth talks about how happy birthday to peepee man and thank you for making the day great.