Buidl Crypto: Designing dApps with great user experiences

SPEAKER A notes that they bring together builders from different industries to talk about the opportunities and challenges of building products in the crypto industry. SPEAKER A says they have five eminent guests joining them to talk about how to design gaps with great user experiences. SPEAKER A notes that this session is meant to be about 60 minutes.

SPEAKER A and SPEAKER C talk about the current state of the user experience for crypto applications. SPEAKER A mentions the state of web three applications.

SPEAKER A and SPEAKER D discuss the quality of mobile applications and web applications. SPEAKER A and SPEAKER E talk about the trade off between decentralization and great user experience.

SPEAKER A mentions building proof of concepts like dark forest. SPEAKER A talks about how there’s nothing better than demonstrating what’s possible and inspiring a next generation of people. SPEAKER F notes that they want to embrace all the power that web three offers.

SPEAKER F and SPEAKER A overview educating users on how the system works. SPEAKER A talks about how design does not need to hide all the course of crypto, it can teach users how to work with them. SPEAKER C mentions that the founder of kavan wrote an article about how crypto wants to be seen. SPEAKER A says the evolution goes from what needs to be hidden to what doesn’t need to be hidden.

SPEAKER A and SPEAKER E overview abstracting away complexity and providing the user with sensible defaults. SPEAKER E mentions custodial and noncustodial wallets.

SPEAKER A talks about the coinbase marketplace and how to support self custody wallets and normal users. SPEAKER C says the next couple of hundred million users will start with a centralized wallet.

SPEAKER E discusses the self custody user experience. SPEAKER B and SPEAKER E overview privacy and transparency around transactions and wallets.

SPEAKER A and SPEAKER C talk about designing for trust. SPEAKER C mentions that designing for trust is a few things on the daft level. SPEAKER C notes that coinbase tends to focus on the happy path. SPEAKER F mentions that the chaos of web three makes it exciting.

SPEAKER A talks about the energy of crypto and the opportunity to build something from day one. SPEAKER E talks about how designing for trust means knowing that you’re interacting with trusted contracts. SPEAKER B notes that they need a system to bridge assets into a private sort of system.

SPEAKER D discusses privacy and says they should give users the choice to have private and public information. SPEAKER C mentions that the industry needs to focus on getting the initial experience faster and cheaper.

SPEAKER E talks about how the biggest challenge is making sure that people don’t get rugged as easily or get scammed so that they can all party safely. SPEAKER A notes that this is going to be a fun next few years where people can use this technology in ways that none of them can imagine. SPEAKER D says that in the next few years, we’re probably going to move away from protocols operating their own front end to a world where multiple teams are shipping different uis and competing on better user experience.

SPEAKER A mentions that all of the builders left with a lot of energy about the future and that they will come back next week with another topic about capturing opportunities in crypto.